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Spike 20P herbicide is a surface applied soil-active product for control of woody plants (trees, shrubs, and vines). Treatments become effective after sufficient rainfall has occurred to move the active ingredient in Spike 20P into the root zone. Herbicidal symptoms appear most rapidly when applied just before seasonal rainfall. Treated trees and shrubs (brush) exhibit leaf chlorosis and browning followed by defoliation. Woody plants may go through several defoliation cycles before death occurs. Time required to achieve control of woody vegetation may vary from one to several years. Increased application rates and additional time is required to achieve consistent woody plant control under the following conditions: (1) the treated area contains deep, medium-to-fine textured, or high organic matter soils; (2) the target species are deeprooted; or (3) the vegetation consists of species tolerant to Spike 20P. For best brush control results, do not disturb intact plants by such practices as wood cutting, chaining, or burning for two years after application of Spike 20P. Resprouting is more likely to occur if plants are disturbed before complete woody plant control occurs.


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