Giant bramble

Rubus alceifolius

Scrambling shrub with canes to 5 m long. Stems rounded or bluntly-angled, densely covered with hairs and with scattered hooked prickles 2–4 mm long, not confined to angles.

Leaves simple, to 13 cm across and to 15 cm long with 5–7 shallow lobes and toothed margins, lower surface densely covered with brown or yellowish non-glandular hairs, upper surface green with scattered hairs that have a small tubercle base, petiole 3–7 cm long, stipules deeply divided almost to base.

Inflorescence of terminal panicles or shorter racemes of few flowers in the upper leaf axils; leaves below inflorescence similar to those at base of cane but smaller, grading into deeply lobed bracts. Sepals unarmed and covered in woolly non-glandular hairs. Petals 7–9 mm long, 7–8.5 mm wide, orbicular, white. Stamens shorter than, or equalling, styles.

Fruit ± globose, initially green, maturing red.

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