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Restricted Use Pesticide
It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to you State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

Unless specified otherwise in the crop-specific recommended application section, Tombstone Insecticide may be applied by the following methods:

Foliar Spray Application
Foliar applications may be made using properly calibrated ground sprayers, fixed or rotary-winged aircraft or through properly designed, sprinkler-type, chemigation equipment (See Chemigation Application directions below). Thorough and uniform coverage of plants, with direct contact of the spray mixture to the target pests, is required for satisfactory control.

Avoid application procedures where thorough coverage of plant is not possible. Applications made with less than thorough coverage may result in slower activity and/or less overall control from a single application than an application made with higher gallonages. Refer to Spray Drift Reduction Management section for application guidelines on minimizing drift from all application methods. Ground applications should be made in a minimum of 10.0 gallons per acre unless specified otherwise in crop-specific recommended application section.
Aerial applications should be made in a minimum of 2.0 gallons per acre unless specified otherwise in crop-specific recommended application section, however 5.0 gallons per acre are recommended. See crop-specific gallonage requirements. Aerial applications made to dense canopies may not provide sufficient coverage of lower leaves or interior plant portions to provide pest control. Higher labeled rates of Tombstone Insecticide may be necessary for aerial applications.
Chemigation applications (See Chemigation Application directions below) should be made as concentrated as possible. For best results apply at 100% input/travel speed, for center pivots or 0.1 inch (2716 gallons) up to 0.15 inch (4073 gallons) of water per acre, for other systems. Higher labeled rates of Tombstone Insecticide may be necessary for chemigation applications.

Chemigation Application
Types of Irrigation Systems: Tombstone Insecticide may be applied through sprinkler type irrigation systems only. These types
include: center pivot, lateral move, or solid set irrigation systems. Do not apply Tombstone Insecticide through any other type of irrigation system.

Injection for Chemigation: Inject the specified dosage of Tombstone Insecticide into the irrigation main, water stream: (1) through a constant flow, metering device; (2) into the center of the main line flow via a pitot tube or equivalent; (3) at a point ahead of at least one, right-angle turn in main stream flow such that thorough mixing with the irrigation water is ensured.
Uniform Water Distribution and System Calibration: The irrigation system must provide uniform distribution of Tombstone Insecticide treated water. Crop injury, lack of effectiveness, or illegal pesticide residues in or on the crop can result from non-uniform distribution. The system must be calibrated to uniformly distribute the rates specified for chemigation application to specific crops. If you have questions about calibration, contact your Cooperative Extension Service agent, equipment manufacturers, or other experts.

Chemigation Monitoring: A person knowledgeable of the chemigation system and responsible for its operation, or under the supervision of the responsible person, shall shut the system down and make necessary adjustments should the need arise.

Registered for culturesRate
Alfalfa0.8 - 2.8 fl oz
Corn0.8 - 2.8 fl oz
Cotton0.8 - 3.2 fl oz
Peanuts1 - 2.8 fl oz
Sorghum1 - 2.8 fl oz
Soybeans0.8 - 2.8 fl oz