Army cutworm

Euxoa auxiliaris

Eggs: Eggs are small and oval (approximately 1/64 inch) and yellow white in color. They turn darker just prior to hatching.
Larvae: Larvae are dark with different patterns of gray and brown running down the length of the abdomen in striped patterns. Mature larvae are approximately 1¼ inches in length. There are three pairs of true legs near the head and five pairs of fleshy prolegs. One pair of prolegs is located near the anus and the rest along the length of the body.
Pupae: Pupae are dark brown. There are no protrusions extending from the pupal case. They are found within cracks and crevices of the soil.
Adults: Moths have a wingspan of approximately 1½ inches. When at rest, the wings are folded over the abdomen. The forewing is grayish brown with white and silver markings. A distinct kidney bean-shaped marking is present in the upper-middle part of the forewings.

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