Alhagi pseudalhagi

General Description: Camelthorn is a deep-rooted, rhizomatous, perennial shrub, with roots that can extend 6 to 7 feet into the ground. It is intricately-branched with spines and grows to 4 feet in height. It has pinkish purple to maroon flowers that bloom in the summer.
Flower Description: Flowers are pea-like and pinkish-purple to maroon. They are produced in clusters of 1 to 8 and are grouped toward the tips on spines or branchlets with spine tips.
Leaf Description: Leaves are alternately arranged, grayish green and have smooth (entire) margins. They are oval to lance-shaped (much longer than wide with the widest part of the leaf below the middle).
Stem Description: Branched stems are generally stiff and have short, spine-tipped flowering branchlets.
Fruit/Seed Description: Reddish-brown to tan seed pods are constricted between seeds and have a short, narrow beak at the end.

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