Ulex europaeus

Erect or ascending, spiny shrub, to 2 m high; stems striate, densely hairy with long and short spreading hairs, ± glaucous when young.

Phyllodes linear, mostly 8–30 mm long, spiny, grooved lengthwise, glabrous to pubescent.

Flowers usually solitary, axillary; pedicels 5–7 mm long; bracts c. 2 mm long, yellow, persistent; bracteoles ovate, c. 3 mm long, 2–4 mm wide. Calyx 12–16 mm long, yellowish, densely hairy. Corolla yellow, 15–20 mm long.

Pod oblong, 10–20 mm long, densely hairy; seeds 2.5–3 mm long, brownish, shiny, aril white.

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