Groundsel bush

Baccharis halimifolia

Perennial shrub, 1–6 m high, glabrous and ± viscid; stems striate.

Leaves rhombic, elliptic or broad-obovate, 3–7 cm long, 1–4 cm wide, apex acute to obtuse, margins coarsely toothed in upper half, petiolate; upper leaves smaller and entire.

Heads in pedunculate clusters forming terminal panicles, yellowish; female heads 3–5 mm diam., male heads c. 3 mm diam.; involucral bracts 3–5-seriate, glabrous or minutely ciliate towards apex; outer obtuse; inner longer and acute.

Achenes 1–1.7 mm long, glabrous; pappus white, of female florets 10–12 mm long, of male florets 3–4 mm long.

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