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RELY Herbicide is a nonselective herbicide for application as a foliar spray for the control of a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds. RELY will also control certain woody species. Plants that have not yet emerged at the time of application will not be controlled. THOROUGH SPRAY COVERAGE IS IMPORTANT. Visual effects and control from application of RELY occur within 2 to 4 days after application under good growing conditions.
Avoid all contact with foliage or green tissue of desirable vegetation. Do not spray during windy conditions. This product may injure or kill growing plants that receive spray drift or if they receive applications of a spray mixture containing RELY® Herbicide by error or accident. If desirable vegetation is contacted, rinse the sprayed portion with water immediately to reduce potential injury.
RELY Herbicide works best when weeds are actively growing. Warm temperatures, high humidity, and bright sunlight improve the performance of RELY. Weed control may be reduced when applications are made to weeds under stress due to drought or cool temperatures. Weeds under stress or in dense populations will require application at the highest specified label use rate. Stressed conditions also include prior treatments of other contact or systemic herbicides. Do not retreat these weeds with Rely until sufficient new or regrowth has occurred. Refer to the How to Apply section of this label.

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Almonds4.5 lb
Pecans4.5 lb
Walnut4.5 lb
Hazelnuts4.5 lb
Hickory nuts4.5 lb
Macadamia nuts4.5 lb
Pistachios4.5 lb
Grapes4.5 lb
Apples4.5 lb
Blueberries3 lb
Black currant3 lb
Red currant3 lb
White currant3 lb
Elderberries3 lb
Gooseberries3 lb
Huckleberries3 lb
Lingonberries3 lb
Juneberries3 lb
Potatoes0 lb