Lantana camara L.

Shrub up to c. 3 m high, often scandent and forming dense thickets; branches long and weak, with short recurved prickles, ± hairy, often glandular on young parts.

Leaves with lamina ovate, usually 2.5–8 cm long and 15–45 mm wide, apex ± acute to obtuse, base ± rounded, margins toothed, upper surface wrinkled and strigose, lower surface ± pubescent; petiole 5–20 mm long.

Flower heads, 2–3 cm diam.; peduncle 2–8 cm long; bracts lanceolate, 4–7 mm long. Corolla 10–14 mm long, with white, yellow, orange, red or pink colours in various combinations.

Drupe 4–6 mm diam., black.

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