Long fruited turnip

Brassica tournefortii

An erect, branching annual, with a persistent rosette of stalked leaves and almost leafless stems usually less than 1 m tall and are prickly hairy near the base. The leaves are lobed and bristly especially on the underside. The side lobes point backwards toward the base of the leaf and are smaller than the terminal lobe. The stem leaves are smaller. It has yellow fading to white, 4 petalled flowers with 6 stamens in spring. The petals are 5-8 mm long.
The seed pods that are slender, smooth, 30-70 mm long and almost cylindrical that splits on maturity to release about 16 globular seeds about 1 mm in diameter. The narrower tip (beak) lacks seeds. Seed pods remain entire and do not break into smaller pieces.
It is commonly referred to as Wild Turnip.

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