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Pindar GT herbicide is a selective herbicide for preemergence and postemergence residual weed control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds in tree crops as indicated by this label. Apply Pindar GT to tree crops from early fall to late winter or in early spring, prior to germination of targeted weeds, as per labeled use directions. The best weed control is obtained by application to weeds either preemergence or early postemergence when weeds are small and actively growing. Any cultural practices that disturb or redistribute surface soil following treatment with Pindar GT, such as cutting water furrows, cultivation, disking treated soil areas, etc., will reduce weed control effectiveness. Observe all use directions as provided in the Use Precautions and Restrictions section of the label.


Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds0.5 - 3 pt60
Walnut0.5 - 3 pt60
Pecans0.5 - 3 pt60
Pistachios0.5 - 3 pt60