Many-seeded goosefoot

Chenopodium polyspermum

Annual, monoecious weed, propagating itself by seed and occurring in many forms, up to 150 cm (59.05 inch) tall with a strong taproot.

Perianth consists of 5 green, hairless segments that are united at the base. Flowers almost stalkless, very small, borne in dense clusters. Stamens 1–3. Carpels fused, gynoecium 2-styled.

Cotyledons: Regular (actinomorphic), ca. 1,5 mm (0.06 in.) across.

Stems: 10–50 cm (4–20 in.). Stem creeping–erect, scarcely-branched, reddish, quadrangular.

Leaves: Alternate. Ovate to oblong, stalked, hairless, and with entire margins. Base of blade wedge-shaped or rounded.

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