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OLYMPUSTM FLEX Herbicide is intended for postemergence application as a foliar spray in fall-sown or winter wheat or triticale for the control: of annual grass and broadleaf weeds. This product requires the addition of an adjuvant as specified in this label.

Properly calibrated ground or aerial (fixed wing or helicopter) application equipment may be used to apply OLYMPUSTM FLEX Herbicide postemergence as a foliar spray. Do not apply pre-emergence to wheat or crop response may occur. Application should be made after the crop has fully emerged (fully expanded first true leaf) and before grass weeds tiller. Weed infestations should be treated before they become competitive with the crop. Thorough coverage of weeds is necessary to achieve good weed control. The use of nozzles and spray pressure that deliver MEDIUM spray droplets as indicated in the nozzle manufacturer's catalogs and in accordance with ASAE Standard S-572 are highly recommended for optimum spray coverage and canopy penetration.
Select spray nozzles that provide best spray distribution and weed coverage at the appropriate spray pressure. Avoid uneven spray distribution, skips, overlaps, and spray drift. Do not apply OLYMPUSTM FLEX Herbicide through any type of irrigation system. Apply OLYMPUSTM FLEX Herbicide to wheat from emergence (fully expanded first true leaf) up to jointing. Do not apply more than a total of 3.5 ounces/acre of OLYMPUSTM FLEX Herbicide per crop year.

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Winter wheat3.5 oz
Winter triticale3.5 oz