Spoon cudweed

Stuartina muelleri

Softly woolly, grey.
Petiole - At least as long as the blade and dilated at the base. Stem clasping.
Blade - Almost round, 4-18 mm long and up to 15 mm wide. Softly woolly and grey but sometimes becoming hairless and green on top.

Flower head:
Greenish brown, small, sessile, conical, crowded in small clusters surrounded by stem leaves. It looks like it is at the end of a stem but is actually in a leaf axil.
Bracts surrounding the flower are 3-4 mm, egg shaped, papery, transparent and woolly or woolly at the base. 2-3 inner ones are longer, convex and rigid with dark coloured recurved tips.

Tubular and swollen toward the base. 2-3 outer ones are female and thread like. 2-3 disk flowers are bisexual, fertile and 5 toothed. No "petals".

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