Mango black spot

Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. mangiferaeindicae

List of symptoms/signs
Fruit  -  abnormal shape
Fruit  -  gummosis
Fruit  -  lesions: black or brown
Fruit  -  ooze
Leaves  -  abnormal colours
Leaves  -  necrotic areas
Stems  -  canker on woody stem
Stems  -  discoloration

On mango, symptoms are black and raised leaf spots with an angular shape (Pitkethley, 2006) and sometimes a chlorotic halo. Several months after infection, leaf lesions dry and turn light brown or ash grey. Severe leaf infection may result in abscission. Black and cracked twig and stem lesions can appear which act as sources of inoculum and weaken the branches. On the fruit, symptoms are seen as small, water-soaked spots on the lenticels which later become star-shaped, erumpent and exude an infectious gum. Often, a 'tear stain' infection pattern is observed on the fruit. Severe fruit infections will cause premature fruit drop. 

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