Sugarcane looper

Mocis frugalis

Wingspan 36–50 millimetres (1.4–2.0 in). Male with the hind tibia and tarsi clothed with long thick pile. Grey-brown body. Forewing with a diffused dark mark above the centre of vein 1; an oblique postmedial line pale inwardly, red-brown outwardly; a submarginal series of black specks. Hindwing with postmedial and diffused submarginal lines. Some specimens have a black spot above inner margin of forewing before the middle.

Larva pale yellowish ochreous, with darker lines. Two subdorsal lines present and with a sublateral series of olivaceous spots. The 4th and 5th somites edged behind with black. Food plants, include Zingiberaceae species, AndropogonEleusineOryzaPanicumPaspalumSaccharumSorghumZeaTyphoniumCyperusGlycineMedicago, and Vigna. Egg are darkish green in color, blotched with dark purple.