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AXE is a contact and residual synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Thorough spray coverage of crops is essential to ensure adequate control. This product can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing larvae.

AXE can be applied by low volume boom spray, in high volume, or in aircraft. The Directions for Use table contains details of the water volumes to use for specific crops and methods of application. Applications should be made as a fine spray preferably using hollow cone nozzles and a droplet size of 150-200 microns. If possible apply during the cooler parts of the day or evening. If applying this product by aircraft spray in a cross wind. Avoid spraying in calm conditions or when wind is light and variable.

Add the required quantity to water in the spray tank and mix thoroughly. Maintain agitation during mixing and application. This product mixes readily with hard or soft water.

AXE is compatible with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides, including copper oxychloride, Dithane M-45 and Antracol. Do not mix with more than one of these products.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cabbage0 l2
Cauliflower0 l2
Brussels sprouts0 l2
Broccoli0 l2
Citrus0 l
Celery200 ml1
Peas150 - 250 ml2
Beans150 - 200 ml3
Lettuce0 l2
Winter flax0 l
Spring flax200 - 300 ml7
Potatoes150 - 200 ml2
Sweet corn100 - 250 ml2
Sugarcane100 - 200 ml
Tobacco100 - 200 ml2
Tomatoes100 - 200 ml2
Winter wheat25 - 200 ml3
Spring wheat25 - 200 ml3
Spring oats25 - 200 ml3
Winter oats25 - 200 ml3
Spring barley25 - 200 ml3
Winter barley25 - 200 ml3