Permerid 500 EC

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PERMERID 500 EC is a contact and residual insecticide.
MIXING: Mixes readily with hard or soft water. Add the required quantity to the diluent while under agitation. Agitate while spraying.
APPLICATION: Good coverage is essential to ensure adequate control. The material may be applied by ground rig or aircraft. Follow volumes and directions given in Directions for Use table.
SPILLAGES: Liquid spillages should be absorbed onto pumice or vermiculite, NOT SAWDUST, and disposed of safely. Refer Avcare Guidelines on Disposal of Spills. Contaminated area to be washed down, cold water washings to be prevented from entering any surface drains. During decontamination, operators should wear overalls, rubber boots, face shield or goggles and waterproof gloves.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Celery0 ml1
Beans150 - 200 ml3
Peas150 - 250 ml2
Lettuce0 ml2
Winter flax25 - 300 ml7
Spring flax25 - 300 ml7
Broccoli100 - 200 ml2
Brussels sprouts100 - 200 ml2
Cabbage100 - 200 ml2
Cauliflower100 - 200 ml2
Citrus0 ml
Potatoes150 - 200 ml2
Winter rape25 ml14
Spring rape25 ml14
Sugarcane100 - 200 ml
Sweet corn100 - 250 ml2
Tobacco100 - 200 ml2
Tomatoes100 - 200 ml2
Winter wheat25 - 200 ml3
Winter rye25 ml3
Winter triticale25 ml3
Winter barley25 - 200 ml3
Winter oats25 - 200 ml3
Spring wheat25 - 200 ml3
Spring oats25 - 200 ml3
Spring barley25 - 200 ml3