Alpha Forte 250 SC

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For the control of certain insect pests, including redlegged earth mite on certain field crops and pastures and certain insect pests on fruit and vegetable crops.

CONQUEST ALPHA FORTE 250 SC INSECTICIDE is a suspension concentrate which acts as a contact and residual insecticide. It can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing infestation.

Shake or roll the container several times before measuring out product to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed. There is no need for pre-mixing. Add the product to the partly filled spray vat while agitating. Continue to agitate while topping up the tank and during spraying. Reseal partly used container immediately after use.

CONQUEST ALPHA FORTE 250 SC INSECTICIDE can be applied by ground or aircraft. Thorough coverage is essential to ensure adequate control. Always apply with a non-ionic surfactant unless detailed on the label of a tank mix partner. Apply during the cooler parts of the day or night.

Ground application –
For low volume spraying of field crops with ground rigs, use a total volume of 50-200 L/ha except for sweet corn, tomatoes and tobacco where higher volume should be used. Drop arms should be used on ground rigs in row crops taller than 30 cm (0.3 m). The application should be made as a fine spray, preferably using hollow cone nozzles, unless otherwise directed in the Critical Comments.

Aerial application –
Do NOT apply to trellis tomatoes by aircraft. Use a minimum spray volume of 20 L/ha. For spring/early summer application to cereals, linola, canola, rice and to other dense crops, apply in a total spray volume of 30 to 35 L/ha. If possible, spray in a crosswind. Avoid spraying in calm conditions or when wind is light and variable in direction. Apply as a spray of 100-150 microns VMD.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Asparagus0 l1
Broccoli160 ml1
Brussels sprouts160 ml1
Cabbage160 ml1
Cauliflower160 ml1
Chinese cabbage160 ml1
Kale160 ml1
Kohlrabi160 ml1
Turnips160 ml1
Canola20 - 160 ml21
Chickpeas20 - 120 ml21
Cotton120 - 200 ml14
Winter wheat30 - 60 ml7
Winter barley30 - 60 ml7
Winter oats30 - 60 ml7
Winter rye30 - 60 ml7
Winter triticale20 - 96 ml7
Beans20 - 120 ml28
Peas20 - 120 ml28
Grapes0 l
Lettuce160 ml3
Winter flax30 - 120 ml14
Spring flax30 - 120 ml14
Alfalfa64 ml14
Lupines20 - 120 ml28
Corn120 - 160 ml7
Mung beans120 - 160 ml7
Navy beans120 - 160 ml7
Pasture20 - 64 ml3
Apples0 l14
Pears0 l14
Rice80 ml7
Sorghum40 - 160 ml7
Soybeans120 - 160 ml7
Apricots0 ml14
Nectarines0 ml14
Peaches0 ml14
Plums0 ml14
Sunflowers100 - 160 ml21
Sweet corn120 - 160 ml7
Tobacco0 l7
Tomatoes80 - 160 ml1