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For the control of Helicoverpa spp. in cotton, tomatoes, lucerne seed crops, navy beans; carpophilus beetle in stone fruit (except cherries); certain species of mites in bananas, cotton and tomatoes; longtailed mealy bug in pears; banana weevil borer and banana rust thrips in bananas; mirids in cotton; whitefly in tomatoes; and redlegged earth mite, blue oat mite, bryobia mite, webworm and brown pasture looper in faba beans, subterranean clover, clover, canola, wheat, barley, field peas, lupins and lucerne; and certain species of wireworms in cotton and sugarcane; fig longicorn in grapes and citrus leafeating weevil in citrus.

Conquest Arrow 100 EC Insecticide/Miticide is a contact and residual insecticide/miticide. It can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests. Best results are obtained when Conquest Arrow 100 EC Insecticide/Miticide is applied before pest populations build up to damaging levels.
This product is not suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs where mite predators are established and providing effective mite control.

Conquest Arrow 100 EC Insecticide/Miticide, may be applied by either ground rig or aircraft. Thorough coverage is essential to ensure adequate control. Do not apply as a fog or mist.

Ad the required amount of Conquest Arrow 100 EC Insecticide/Miticide to water in the spray tank and mix thoroughly. Maintain agitation during mixing and application.

Conquest Arrow 100 EC Insecticide/Miticide is compatible with commonly used fungicides such as Dithane M45TM' AntracorM, Chlorothalonil and the herbicides- Paraquat, BroadstrikeTM' SpinnakerTM' Simaquest 900 WG, Metolachlor, Chlorsulfuron, LogranTM and Pendimethalin.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Bananas0 l8
Cotton375 - 800 ml
Canola50 - 200 ml
Beans50 - 200 ml
Clover50 - 200 ml28
Spring barley50 - 200 ml
Winter barley50 - 200 ml
Peas50 - 200 ml
Lupines50 - 200 ml
Alfalfa50 - 600 ml28
Winter wheat50 - 200 ml
Spring wheat50 - 200 ml
Peaches0 l1
Nectarines0 l1
Plums0 l1
Apricots0 l1
Citrus0 l
Grapes0 l
Navy beans600 - 800 ml14
Pears0 l14
Sugarcane0 l
Tomatoes600 ml1