Barmac Copper Oxychloride

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For the control of: Fungal and bacterial diseases in fruit and vegetable crops, citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit and ornamentals.

Mix the required amount of product with a small volume of water then add to the spray tank under agitation. Product can be added to full volume of water if necessary. If the product is to be used in a mixture with an emulsifiable concentrate add the product after making the emulsion. Do not mix with alkaline materials such as lime sulphur.

APLICATION: High volume Dilute Spray
This product may be applied as a high volume dilute spray to fruit tree crops and some row crops. The spray volume will vary according to the treated crop and should be increased when spraying large or dense plants to ensure thorough coverage. The spray volume should also be increased throughout the growing season as the crop increases in size. Suitable spray volumes for mature crops are as follows: Bananas, Tobacco, Vines and other row crops - 200 to 1100L/ha. Pome and stone fruit - 1100 to 4000L/ha. Citrus 4000 to 8000L/ha.

Concentrate and Ground Application Sprays:
This product may be applied as a concentrate spray through low volume air blast equipment or as a ground application through spray booms. Adjust the rate to ensure that the correct amount is applied per hectare from the particular equipment used. Use the higher rate on larger plants and when weather conditions favour the development of disease.

This product is compatible with a wide range of other fungicides and insecticides. The labels of these other products should be consulted prior to mixing. Do Not mix with alkaline materials such as lime sulphur.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apricots3 kg1
Cherries3 kg1
Peaches3 kg1
Nectarines3 kg1
Plums3 kg1
Almonds3 kg1
Apples3 kg1
Pears3 kg1
Avocados3 kg1
Bananas3 kg1
Beans2.5 kg1
Sweet peppers2.5 kg1
Carrots2.5 kg1
Celery2.5 kg1
Citrus0 l1
Melons2.5 kg1
Watermelon2.5 kg1
Cucumbers2.5 kg1
Guavas3 kg1
Lettuce2.5 kg1
Lychee4 kg1
Macadamia nuts3 kg1
Mangoes3 kg1
Onions2.5 kg1
Passionfruit2 - 4 kg1
Parsnip2.5 kg1
Peas2.5 kg1
Potatoes2.5 kg1
Red beet2.5 kg1
Rhubarbs2.5 kg1
Spinach2.5 kg1
Tobacco0 l1
Tomatoes2.5 kg1
Grapes2.5 kg1
Walnut3 kg1