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Product Overview: OzCrop Chlorothalonil 900 WG Fungicide is a protectant fungicide designed for controlling a range of diseases in fruits and vegetables. To ensure effective disease control, it must be applied before diseases occur or become established.

Application: For best results, apply before the widespread outbreak of diseases. Utilize disease warning services or past history to determine the timing of the first spray. If diseases are already present, use an eradicant product first, mixed with OzCrop Chlorothalonil 900 WG Fungicide.

Application Methods:

  • Dilute Spraying:

    • Use a sprayer designed for high water volumes up to the point of runoff.
    • Ensure even coverage throughout the crop canopy.
    • Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of runoff, avoiding excessive runoff.
    • Adjust water volume and sprayer setup as the crop grows.
  • Concentrate Spraying:

    • Use a sprayer designed for concentrate spraying with water volumes less than those reaching the point of runoff.
    • Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume for the crop canopy.
    • Calculate the concentrate mixing rate based on the dilute spray volume and chosen concentrate spray volume.
    • Adjust settings as the crop grows.


  • Half-fill the spray vat and, with agitation running, add the required amount of product.
  • Top up with water to the required volume, keeping the product in suspension through continuous agitation.
  • Thoroughly re-agitate prepared spray mixes that have been allowed to stand.

Application Rates per Hectare:

  • Low Volume: 200 litres or more.
  • High Volume: 500 litres or more.
  • Aerial Application: 20 litres or more.
  • Mister: 75-255 litres.
  • Adjust water volume as plants grow to maintain adequate cover.


  • Compatible with wettable powder and flowable formulations of most commonly used fungicides, insecticides, and miticides.
  • Do not combine with oil-based emulsifiable or flowable pesticides.
  • Avoid mixing with spraying oils or spraying onto crops treated with oil within the last 10 days.

Fungicide Resistance Warning:

  • OzCrop Chlorothalonil 900 WG Fungicide is a Group M5 fungicide.
  • Monitor and manage for fungicide resistance to prevent a reduction in efficacy and potential yield loss.

Trade Advice:

  • Livestock destined for export markets should adhere to Export Slaughter Interval (ESI) of 63 days.
  • Livestock that have grazed or fed on treated forage, fodder, or stubble should be placed on clean feed for 63 days prior to export slaughter.


  • Use enclosed cabs for airblast application.
  • Do not use human flaggers without proper protection.
  • Re-entry into treated areas is prohibited until the spray has dried. Wear chemical-resistant gloves if prior entry is required.

Protection Measures:

  • Protect livestock from contamination of feed or foodstuffs.
  • Avoid contaminating streams, rivers, or waterways with chemical or used containers. The product is dangerous to fish.

Storage and Disposal:

  • Store in a closed, original container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Triple rinse plastic containers before disposal or puncture and bury them in compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Do not burn empty containers or product. Follow appropriate waste management procedures.
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