D-C-Tron Plus

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An emulsifiable, narrow range, spray oil for the control of various pests of citrus, bananas, and other crops as specified in the Directions for Use table.
Also for use in combination with other pesticides as specified on the Directions for Use table.

Different plant stresses can have cumulative effect. In general, follow good farming practice to minimise all other sources of plant stress. Avoid applying D-C-Tron Plus when environmental conditions elevate plant stress. AVOID spraying complex tank mixtures.
In particular DO NOT spray:
- when the soil is dry
- if trees are suffering from moisture stress
- if hot weather (> 35 C) is imminent or has occurred in the previous 4 days
- if the shade temperature exceeds 32 C
- in slow drying conditions
Since D-C-Tron Plus can be used as a herbicide adjuvant, any phytotoxic tendencies of other insecticides mixed with D-C-Tron Plus may be enhanced. Follow the label precautions on the other insecticides carefully and if in doubt about a certain mixture then test on a small area first before widespread use.
D-C-Tron Plus sprays greater than 250 mL/100L water should not be applied for at least one month after spraying with sulphur or lime sulphur, as severe injury may occur, especially if the oil is applied in hot weather.
DO NOT apply D-C-Tron Plus in combination with Propargite or within 4 weeks of a Propargite application.
Adding spraying oils with Torque Miticide/Insecticide can reduce the speed of action of Torque Miticide/Insecticide. Avoid applying Torque with D-C-Tron Plus where rapid speed of action is required.
DO NOT apply D-C-Tron Plus in combination with, or following a chlorothalonil application. DO NOT use in combination with Supracide 400 Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide on mangoes after fruit set and while fruit is on the tree. DO NOT use D-C-Tron Plus on mangoes during flowering or while fruit is on the tree.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Citrus0.25 - 1 l1
Grapes2 - 3 l1
Apples2 - 5 l1
Pears2 - 5 l1
Loquat2 - 3 l1
Medlar2 - 3 l1
Quince2 - 3 l1
Apricots2 - 3 l1
Peaches2 - 3 l1
Nectarines2 - 3 l1
Plums2 - 3 l1
Cherries2 - 3 l1
Coffee1 l1
Avocados1 l1
Kiwifruit1 l1
Mangoes1 l1
Sweet peppers500 ml1
Eggplant500 ml1
Tomatoes500 ml1
Okra500 ml1
Pumpkins500 ml1
Squash500 ml1
Watermelon500 ml1
Melons500 ml1
Cucumbers500 ml1
Bananas3 - 12 l1
Passionfruit600 ml1
Lupines1 - 10 l1
Corn1 - 10 l1
Corn1 - 10 l1
Corn1 - 10 l1
Corn1 - 10 l1