Dragon 700 WG

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With the agitation system operating, pour the measured volume of Dragon 700 WG slowly into the required volume of water in the spray vat Mix thoroughly and then add any other compatible spray materials. Sprays containing Dragon 700 WG should be used within 3 hours of preparation and they should be agitated continuously during this period.

Dragon® 700 WG is compatible with any one of the following: Bayfidan• 250EC, Bogard• 100 WG, chlorpyrifos WP, Folimar 800, Gusathion• 350, Lannate•, Nudrin 225°, Systhane• WP, T opas•100 EC, Vendex Miticide• and wettable sulphur.
Dragon 700 WG should NOT be mixed with more than one other material, other than non-ionic wetting agent.
Dragon 700 WG is incompatible with Agrid~. Tokuthion•, chlorpyrifos EC, iprodione (Rovral•) and winter or summer oils, except where mentioned under stone fruit. It is also incompatible with alkaline materials such as lime sulphur, lime and Bordeaux mixture. Under certain conditions it is incompatible with spraying oils and some other liquid formulations (see below).

Registered for culturesRateBBCHPreharvest Interval
Apples0 l021
Pears0 l021
Grapes500 - 1000 l021
Peaches0 l021
Apricots0 l021
Cherries0 l021
Nectarines0 l021
Plums0 l0 - 221