Bitter rot

Glomerella cingulate

Glomerella cingulata is a plant pathogenic fungus that causes disease on many different hosts including quince and apple bitter rot and anthracnose on many fruit and vegetable species such as mango. 

Glomerella cingulata has been associated with diseases in a wide range of host plants. It is commonly found as a pathogen and endophyte in tropical crops and trees, and it is also found infecting tree seedlings in temperate forests. G. cingulata can infect fruits, flowers, leaves and other non-lignified tissue. The phylogeny of this group is not well resolved; based on multi-gene phylogenies at least 22 taxa are known within the species complex. Most members of this group are poorly understood in terms of their biology, pathogenicity and host preference. Some of strains are being studied for their catalytic activity over complex plant compounds.

Sporulation occurs as pink, erumpent, pinhead-sized acervuli often arranged in concentric patterns on the necrotic tissue.

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