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Controls adult mosquitoes, Queensland fruit fly and chewing and sucking insect pests of Citrus, Grape vines, Lucerne, Oilseed crops, Ornamentals, Pastures, Peas, Pome and Stone Fruits, Rice, Tobacco and Vegetables.

When mixing this product with water, good tank agitation must be maintained throughout the mixing and spraying operation.

For high volume application on vegetables and row crops apply approximately 1000 Litres of water/ha. For tree crops apply approximately 2000 Litres of water/ha. Apply in high volume, low volume or through mister or aircraft spray equipment. Thorough unifonm ccverage is essential for effective insect control. This product may be diluted with diesel distillate and used through thermal fogging machines, or it can be applied undiluted by aircraft or suitable ground equipment designed for ultra low volume application.

This product is ccmpatible with summer spraying oil which may be added at a rate of 1.3U1 OOLitres of water when recommended.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Greens0 l1
Canola500 ml
Citrus0 l3
Grapes0 l3
Alfalfa60 - 500 ml1
Onions0 l3
Passionfruit0 l3
Pasture520 - 950 ml1
Peas550 ml3
Apples0 l3
Pears0 l3
Rice260 ml
Sunflowers500 ml
Tobacco0 l
Tomatoes0 l3
Beans0 l3
Cabbage0 l3
Carrots0 l3
Cauliflower0 l3
Celery0 l3
Lettuce0 l3
Tomatoes0 l3