Isagro Neoram 375 WG

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Neoram 375 WG Fungicide is a member of the Multi-site activity group of fungicides. For fungicide resistance management Neoram 375 WG is a Group M1 fungicide. Some naturally occurring individual fungi resistant to Neoram 375 WG and other Group M1 fungicides may exist through normal genetic variability in any fungal population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the fungi population if these fungicides are used repeatedly. The resistant fungi will not be controlled by Neoram 375 WG and other Group M1 fungicides, thus resulting in a reduction in efficacy and possible yield loss. Since the occurrence of resistant fungi is difficult to detect prior to use, ISAGRO Australia Ltd accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of Neoram 375 WG to control resistant fungi. 

High Volume (dilute spraying): Mix specified rates of product per 100 L of water, and apply in sufficient water to thoroughly wet the crop to the point of run-off. The water volume should increase as the crop size and bulk increases.

Low Volume (concentrate spraying): Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough, even coverage of all plant parts. The rate of product applied per hectare should be based on that which would be applied per hectare if high volume (dilute) application was used.

Mixing and Application:
Slowly pour the Neoram 375 WG into the spray tank three-quarters filled with water, with the agitation system actively moving. Alternately, premix in a bucket with a quantity of water and add this mixture to the bulk of the water in the spray vat with agitation running. Agitate before and during spraying.

Neoram 375 WG Fungicide can be used with Albarol, Rogor, Endosulfan, Malathion, Summer and Winter Oils, Zineb, Arysta LifeScience Sulphur, Kumulus DF, Scala, methomyl, Thiram, Ziram and most other insecticides including emulsions and spraying oils. When combined with Thiram or Ziram, DO NOT leave in spray vat overnight. DO NOT mix with alkaline materials such as Lime Sulphur. DO NOT mix with products containing calcium.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apricots0 l1
Cherries0 l1
Peaches0 l1
Nectarines0 l1
Plums0 l1
Apricots0 l1
Apples0 l1
Pears0 l1
Avocados0 l1
Citrus0 l1
Guavas0 l1
Lychee0 l1
Macadamia nuts0 l1
Mangoes0 l1
Passionfruit0 l1
Rambutan0 l1
Grapes0 l1
Walnut0 l1
Bananas3.4 kg1
Beans3.4 - 4 kg1
Sweet peppers3.4 kg1
Carrots3.4 kg1
Celery3.4 kg1
Melons3.4 kg1
Watermelon3.4 kg1
Cucumbers3.4 kg1
Lettuce3.4 kg1
Onions3.4 kg1
Parsnip3.4 kg1
Peas3.4 kg1
Potatoes2.5 - 3 kg1
Red beet3.4 kg1
Rhubarbs3.4 kg1
Spinach3.4 kg1
Tobacco2.5 kg1
Tomatoes2.5 kg1