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Conquest - Herbicide

Conquest Knockout Pro 540 mixes readily with water. Reduced results may occur if water is used containing suspended clay or organic matter e.g. from dams, streams or irrigation channels, or high levels of calcium, magnesium or bicarbonate ions.
Do not mix, store or apply this product in galvanised steel or unlined steel containers or spray tanks, since a highly flammable gas mixture may be formed. Use stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, fibreglass, plastic or plastic lined containers or spray tanks. Spray tanks, pumps, lines and nozzles should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water following application. Ensure that the sprayer is free of any residues of previous spray materials prior to mixing. Use spray solutions promptly as a gradual loss of activity may occur over a period of days following spray preparation.

Mixing Instructions:
Fill the spray tank 1/3 to 1/2 full with clean water and start agitation.
Where ammonium sulphate is recommended, add liquid Conquest Amsul 417 at 2L/100L spray solution or Conquest Dissolve at 800g/100L and mix thoroughly.
Add recommended herbicide/insecticide/additive to the spray tank and mix thoroughly.
Add Conquest Knockout Pro 540 and the remaining water. Mix thoroughly.
Add surfactant, if required, near the end of the filling process to minimise foaming.
Always maintain adequate agitation during application and use the tank mix promptly

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Glyphosate0 - 00.2 - 6-