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DuPont ManKocide DF fungicide is a protectant fungicide containing both Mancozeb and Copper Hydroxide. The dual formulation is designed to prevent and control a number of bacterial and fungal diseases. Its mode of action affects the germination of spores by inhibiting the respiration process. For best results, apply in a regular spray program. Thorough coverage of the target crop is essential.

Fill the spray vat with good quality water. Remove the top strainer. With the agitation system operating, pour the required quantity of ManKocide into the spray vat in a steady stream.
DO NOT attempt to pre-mix ManKocide in water before adding to the spray vat. If other pesticides are being used, fully mix the ManKocideÒ in the spray tank before adding other products. Always add and mix the ManKocideÒ first. Sprays containing ManKocideÒ should be used within 3 hours of preparation and they should be agitated continuously during this period. Rinse out spray tank, pumps and nozzles at the end of the day.
DO NOT use in spray solutions with a pH less than 6.5.

Dilute Spraying
- Use a sprayer designed to apply high volumes of water up to the point of run-off and matched to the crop being sprayed.
- Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy. Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of runoff. Avoid excessive run-off.
- The required water volume may be determined by applying different test volumes, using different settings on the sprayer, from industry guidelines or expert advise.
- Add the amount of product specified in the Directions for Use table for each 100 L of water. Spray to the point of run-off.
- The required dilute spray volume will change and the sprayer set up and operation may also need to be changed, as the crop grows.
- Always apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of runoff, otherwise underdosing will occur and disease control may be inadequate.

Concentrate Spraying
- Use a sprayer designed and set up for concentrate spraying (that is a sprayer which applies water volumes less than those required to reach the point of run-off) and matched to the crop being sprayed.
- Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy using your chosen water volume.
- Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume (see Dilute Spraying above) for the crop canopy. This is needed to calculate the concentrate mixing rate.
The mixing rate for concentrate spraying can then be calculated in the following way:
Example Only
1. Dilute spray volume as determined above: For example 1,500 L/ha.
2. Your chosen concentrate spray volume: For example 500 L/ha.
3. The concentration factor in this example is : 3 times (i.e. 1500 L divided by 500 L = 3).
4. If the dilute label rate is 150 g/100 L, then the concentrate rate becomes 3 x 150, that is, 450 g/100 L of concentrate spray.
- The chosen spray volume, amount of product per 100 L of water, and the sprayer set up and operation may need to be changed as the crop grows.
- For further information on concentrate spraying, users are advised to consult relevant industry guidelines, undertake appropriate competency training and follow industry Best Practices.

Wetting Agents
The addition of a wetting agent is not required. One may be added if required for other pesticides in a tank mix.

Application by aircraft
Apply in a minimum of 30 - 50 litres of water per hectare. May be applied with hydraulic nozzles or rotary atomizers operated to produce droplets with a V.M.D. of around 150 microns. Avoid application in calm or very windy conditions or when the temperature and humidity cause rapid drying. To ensure good spray coverage, applications should ideally be made in a light crosswind.

Spray Timing
Treatments using ManKocideÒ should begin prior to the disease infection and continue until the threat of disease has passed. Repeated applications are required to protect new growth. Consult directions for use on a crop basis. The rate and application window will be determined by the level of disease and type of growth within the crop.

Tank/Equipment cleanout
Immediately after application, completely drain equipment.
Thoroughly rinse sprayer and flush the hoses, boom and nozzles with clean water. Apply the rinsate to the next crop or mix. DO NOT DISPOSE OF RINSATE IN WATER WAYS OR DRAINS.
Take all necessary precautions when cleaning equipment.

DuPont™ ManKocideÒ is compatible with most common fungicides and insecticides. This product is not compatible with Lime Sulfur. Before using tank mixes the user is urged to test the intended mix in a small jar and /or consult the manufacturer for further details and instructions.
Always add the ManKocideÒ to the spray solution and dissolve before other products are added.

DuPont™ ManKocideÒ is a combination of Multi-site activity fungicides. For fungicide resistance management, the product is both a Group M1 and a Group M3 fungicide.
Some naturally occurring individual fungi resistant to the product and other Group M1 and/or Group M3 fungicides may exist through normal genetic variability in any fungal population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the fungi population if these fungicides are used repeatedly.
These resistant fungi will not be controlled by this product and other Group M1 and/or Group M3 fungicides, thus resulting in a reduction in efficacy and possible yield loss.
Since the occurrence of resistant fungi is difficult to detect prior to use, DuPont accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of this product to control resistant fungi.

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