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Mascot Duo Insecticide is a contact and residual insecticide. It can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment .to control existing larvae. Best results will be obtained by spraying at egg hatch. Thorough coverage is essential to ensure adequate control. Apply during the cooler parts of the day or. night. · The product can be applied mixed either with water or oil based bulking agents such as DC-TRON Spraying Oil or compatible ULV products.

Low Volume and High Volume applications by ground rig or aircraft when Mascot Duo is applied with water carrier.
Add the required quantity of Mascot Duo Insecticide to water in the spray tank and mix thoroughly. Maintain agitation during mixing and application.

Ultra low volume (ULV) applications by aircraft when Mascot Duo is applied with oil based bulking agents.
This product can be mixed with DC-Tron Spraying oil or other compatible products (see compatibility section).
First add the mixing partner to the spray tank and then, with the agitator in motion, add the required quantity of Mascot Duo Insecticide to the spray tank. DO NOT mix with water and ensure that no water is in the spraying system.

This product is compatible with Bullet®, copper hydroxide, D-C-Trate®, D-C-Tron® Cotton Spray Oil, dicamba, dimethoate, Dithane"'M45, Fusilade", Fusion"', glyphosate, Gladiator"', Gramoxone"', Jaguar"', Kelthane" MF, Kocide"', Lannate"'-L, Nudrin"' 225, paraquat, Parathion 500EC, Phosdrin®, Pix", Ridomil"', Saboteur"', Select", Shirquat"', simazine, Simagranz"', Spinnaker®, Spray.Seed", Tigrex", 2, 4-D amine and ester, 2,4DB and MCPA.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Winter wheat75 - 240 ml7
Winter barley75 - 240 ml7
Winter rye75 - 240 ml7
Winter triticale75 - 240 ml7
Winter oats75 - 240 ml7
Corn300 - 400 ml7
Rice100 - 200 l7
Sorghum100 - 400 ml7
Cotton300 - 500 ml14
Chickpeas50 - 300 ml21
Beans50 - 300 ml28
Lupines50 - 300 ml28
Peas50 - 300 ml28
Soybeans300 - 400 ml7
Grapes0 l
Canola50 - 400 ml21
Winter flax75 - 300 ml14
Spring flax75 - 300 ml14
Sunflowers250 - 400 ml21
Alfalfa160 ml14
Pasture50 - 160 ml3
Apples0 l14
Pears0 l14
Apricots0 l14
Nectarines0 l14
Peaches0 l14
Plums0 l14
Tobacco0 l7
Asparagus0 l1
Mung beans300 - 400 ml7
Navy beans300 - 400 ml7
Cabbage400 ml1
Cauliflower400 ml1
Brussels sprouts400 ml1
Broccoli400 ml1
Kale400 ml1
Kohlrabi400 ml1
Chinese cabbage400 ml1
Turnips400 ml1
Lettuce400 ml3
Sweet corn300 - 400 ml7
Tomatoes130 - 400 ml1