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Crop Care Australasia - Herbicide

Mode of Action:
Gladiator Maximus Herbicide is a water soluble liquid herbicide. The product is nonselective and will control a wide range of emerged annual and perennial weeds. It provides no residual activity and is inactivated once it comes into contact with the soil. The product is absorbed by plant leaves and green stems and is then translocated throughout the plant to the root system. The product inhibits a plant enzyme causing a breakdown in the metabolic pathway leading to death of the plant. Visual effects of product efficacy are gradual wilting, yellowing leading to complete plant browning. For annual weeds effects are usually apparent in 3-7 days and for perennial weeds up to 14-21 days. The time taken for these effects to appear will vary depending on the speed of translocation which will be dependent on climate conditions such as temperature, moisture conditions etc. Best results are obtained if plants are sprayed when they are actively growing and not under any stress from such factors as disease, waterlogging, insect damage, drought stress etc. Rain within 1 hour of application which causes run-off may require re-treatment. Rainfastness is reduced if weeds are not actively growing, under stress or conditions if low light intensity/darkness. The addition of Wetter TX may improve rainfastness on winter annual weeds. Plants which are covered in dust or which are wet with dew should not be treated.

Mixing and Application:
Gladiator Maximus Herbicide may be applied by boom spray, air, knapsack, handgun or wiper application.

When the product is to be mixed with water it is important that clean water be used. Dirty water or hard water containing calcium salts may reduce the product’s effectiveness. The following procedure for mixing should be followed:
1. Ensure spray tank is clean and that previous chemicals used are washed from the tank.
2. Half fill the tank with clean water, add the required amount of Gladiator Maximus.
3. Add the rest of the water.
4. Add surfactant last.

The product may be mixed with a variety of products to enhance weed control, to broaden the spectrum of weeds and to add residual control. Refer to the “Directions for Use” Section for detailed information on the tank mix situations.

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