Sumithion 1000EC

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Grain: Ensure even distribution of the product through the grain. Grain protection efficacy depends on absence of infestation, low moisture content (<12%), and storage temperature below 27°C.

Mixing: Mix the required amount of spray for immediate use. Add Sumithion 1000EC to water in tank while agitating well before spraying.

Equipment (Grain): Use specialized grain spraying equipment with spray nozzle capable of delivering an even pattern.

Cleaning: Wash out spray equipment, mixing, and measuring utensils with water after use.

CROP SAFETY Check manufacturer recommendations before applying Sumithion 1000EC to sorghum varieties. Discoloration and spotting may occur on certain sorghum varieties.

APPLICATIONS AND BUFFER ZONES Apply Sumithion 1000EC for control of locusts, grasshoppers, and weevils. Buffer zones must be observed to protect sensitive areas. Different buffer zone requirements for aerial and ground applications.

PRECAUTION Ground spraying should use vehicles with enclosed cabs to minimize exposure. Aerial spray operators should use closed mixing/loading systems. Human flaggers in aerial applications must be protected with enclosed cabs.

PROTECTION OF LIVESTOCK, FISH, CRUSTACEA, AND ENVIRONMENT Avoid spraying under conditions causing drift or runoff onto sensitive areas. Dangerous to fish and bees; do not contaminate waterways or spray flowering plants while bees are foraging.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL Store in a cool, ventilated area away from sunlight. Triple rinse containers before disposal and follow local regulations for recycling or disposal. Do not burn empty containers or product.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Pasture0.5 - 1.3 l14
Sorghum270 - 550 ml14
Alfalfa250 - 650 ml14
Soybeans270 - 550 ml14
Winter wheat270 - 550 ml14
Spring wheat270 - 550 ml14
Spring barley270 - 550 ml14
Winter barley270 - 550 ml14
Spring oats270 - 550 ml14
Winter oats270 - 550 ml14
Winter rye270 - 550 ml14
Spring rye270 - 550 ml14
Winter triticale270 - 550 ml14
Spring triticale270 - 550 ml14
Apples270 - 550 ml14
Cabbage270 - 550 ml14
Cherries270 - 550 ml14
Grapes270 - 550 ml14
Lettuce270 - 550 ml14
Tomatoes270 - 550 ml14