Terbo 500 SCRegistration expired
Conquest - Herbicide

Controls certain early competing broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, triticale, pastures, some varieties of oats and field peas.

IMPORTANT Spray only after good rain and when top soil is moist and when weeds are actively growing. Best results are obtained when good soil moisture has been present since planting. DO NOT apply during dry or waterlogged conditions.

Stir product or invert container several times before opening as settling of contents may occur after storage for some weeks. Pour the product into the spray vat through a strainer to remove any dry particles or flakes, which can occasionally occur under hot storage conditions. Add the full quantity of product to the partly filled spray tank while agitating. Fill tank and agitate to ensure thorough mixing. Continue agitation while spraying. Agitate vigorously from the bottom if allowed to stand. Reseal part used containers immediately. If tank mixing, add CONQUEST TERBO 500 SC to the spray tank first, then other products. Maintain constant agitation and use immediately.

This product is compatible with Ally®, MCPA 500 Amine (not LVE), 2,4-D Amine, Triasulfuron (750 g/kg) WG, Banvel® 200, Banvele M, Cadence® and Supracidee.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Clover0 - 00.4 - 0.77
Pasture0 - 00.4 - 0.77
Peas0 - 00.7 - 128
Spring barley0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Spring oats0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Spring triticale0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Spring wheat0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Winter barley0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Winter oats0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Winter triticale0 - 00.3 - 0.85-
Winter wheat0 - 00.3 - 0.85-