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ELIM EP Herbicide 25% Dry Flowable is a dry flowable granular formulation to be mixed in water and applied either pre- or post-emergence to field corn in Eastern Canada and the Red River Valley region of Manitoba for control of annual grasses, quackgrass, redroot pigweed, and lamb’s quarters. ELIM EP Herbicide 25% Dry Flowable can safely be applied pre-emergent to Optimum GAT Soybeans. ELIM EP Herbicide 25% Dry Flowable is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-volatile, and does not freeze. ELIM EP Herbicide 25% Dry Flowable is pre-packaged in water-soluble bags; each 60 gram water-soluble bag treats 1 hectare. Use gloves when handling the water-soluble bags. Reseal unused water-soluble bags into outer bag when not in use. Keep water-soluble bags away from excess moisture or physical damage during storage and prior to mixing in the spray tank. Do not reuse outer bag.


Rimsulfuron can be formulated as wettable granules sealed within a water-soluble package (WSP). Drop intact WSP directly into spray tank. The WSP and pesticide will dissolve readily in water.
Do not allow the WSP to become wet prior to use. Do not handle individual WSP with wet hands or wet gloves as this may cause breakage. Do not remove WSP from over-wrap container except for immediate use.
Do not open water-soluble bags or attempt to remove the contents from them. The contents are not designed to be re-measured or subdivided.
Do not use opened or punctured WSP.
If broken WSP is found when the over-wrap bag is opened, avoid contact with, and inhalation of the product. Handle with chemical-resistant gloves and dispose of broken WSP according to the DISPOSAL section.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Corn60 g30
Soybeans60 g30