Smooth Cat's-ear

Hypochaeris glabra

Hypochaeris glabra is a flowering plant native to Eurasia and North Africa; however, it is a widespread alien species in North America and other world regions. For example it is broadly distributed in the western part of North America as well as Quebec.

Commonly known as Smooth catsear this annual This is an annual herb has a small taproot, a basal leaf rosette and one or more slender stems 10ten to 45 centimeters high. The leaves may be as long as ten centimeters, with smooth edges or small lobes; the green leaves frequently exhibit a purplish tinge near the veins. The stems are devoid of branching leaves, and topped by flower heads with small overlapping purple-tipped phyllaries and vivid yellow ray florets.

As with all Asteraceae, Cretaceous origin for the Asteridae a Cretaceous origin for their entire order has been suggested in East Gondwanaland (Australasia).