Wild onions

Allium canadense

Wild onions (Allium canadense) can be found in many gardens and lawns, and wherever they are found, a frustrated gardener is sure to be found nearby. These difficult to control weeds are the bane of many gardens, but with determination and a little hard work, you can get rid of wild onions once and for all.

Identification of Wild Onion Plants

Wild onion weeds grow in clumps and are typically found in flower beds or near difficult to mow areas, though they can also grow in lawn. Wild onions can be identified by their thin, waxy spear-like leaves. Wild onion is often confused with its close cousin, wild garlic. Wild onions have flat leaves while wild garlic has round leaves.

Wild onions grow from white bulbs. They will either spread by forming bulblets on their bulbs, creating larger clumps, or by seed, spreading the wild onion plants to other parts of the garden.

Wild onions are edible but only if they have not been treated with a chemical herbicide.