Southern Corn Leaf Blight

Cochliobolus heterostrophus


Symptoms vary depending on which race is present. The telltale symptom of SCLB is the presence of leaf lesions.
Lesions when Race O is present are tan in color with buff to brown borders. They begin as small, diamond-shaped lesions and elongate within the veins to become larger and rectangular.
Lesions caused by Race T are tan with yellow-green or chlorotic halos. Later on, lesions have red to dark brown borders and can spread to all other above-ground parts of the plant including the stem, sheath, and ear. The shape of lesions are elliptical or spindle and can be larger than lesions caused by Race O.
Lesions caused by Race C are necrotic and have been found to be about 5 millimeters long. They also tend to cause wilt.


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