Citrus peelminer

Marmara spp.

Adult: The adult moth is crepuscular, with primary activity in the early morning and evening hours. The adult lives approximately 11 days. Females lay multiple (10 to 50 per female) single eggs per lifetime on the surface of fruit or stems.
Egg: The whitish and oval-shaped egg hatches within four to five days and the emerging larva immediately bores into the epidermal cell layer of the fruit peel or stem.
Larva: The larval stage is comprised of three distinct morphological forms (Kerns et al. 2004). The initial form occurs during the first four instars and feeds on sap while mining. This form is flat, yellowish in color and approximately 4 mm in length. Thereafter, the larva molts into a non-feeding intermediate form. During the final stage known as the spinning larva, the peelminer exits the mine, lowers itself via a silken thread to a leaf or bark crevice and pupates.
Pupa: The pupal stage lasts about 10 days and the entire life cycle requires approximately 30 days (Kerns et al. 2004).

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