Cross striped cabbageworm

Evergestis rimosalis

The adult has a wingspan of around 25 mm, so it is larger than the diamondback moth but smaller than a cabbage looper moth. Forewings are straw-colored with olive to purplish-brown markings and transverse lines and hindwings are whitish with a dark margin. Immature stages: The eggs are laid in small clusters (3-25) underneath leaves and are 1.2 mm x 0.9 mm each. Larvae develop through 4 instars. The last instar is 15-17 mm long and has a bluish-gray coloring along the back with numerous transverse black bands (hence “cross-striped”).
Damage to Crop: Damage to cole crops is similar to that of other Lepidoptera larvae, with holes or more extensive defoliation of young and mature leaves. Also, larvae can feed on the outside of the head or burrow into the developing head of cabbage.

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