McDaniel spider mite

Tetranychus mcdanieli

Adults: The adult female is about 1/60 inch (0.44 mm) long, whereas the male is only about 1/80 inch (0.29) long.
The adult female, like the deutonymphs, can also be distinguished from the male by its shape. The female has a broad oval shape, whereas the male has a slender, more pointed abdomen. The dark spots on the abdomen that characterize this species occur on all stages but are most distinctive in the older stages. The earlier stages may be difficult to distinguish from twospotted spider mite because of the variability in both species. McDaniel spider mite has multiple pairs of spots, some of which always occur in the posterior portion of the abdomen.
Damage: Spider mites all cause the same type of feeding damage (see damage section under European red mite). In addition, the McDaniel spider mite forms very dense webs on leaves and fruit. Webs on the leaves may prevent good spray penetration, making chemical control more difficult. Mites and webbing in the calyx end of fruit have also been noted as a problem since this species is regulated by quarantine in certain countries.

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