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This package contains NEXTER Miticide/Insecticide, a 75% wettable powder, in water-soluble bags. NEXTER is a selective contact Miticide/Insecticide that controls pests. NEXTER provides knockdown and residual control. A good performance evaluation can be made 4-7 days after treatment. For optimum results, NEXTER should be applied as pest populations build and prior to reaching economic thresholds.

Mite Resistance Management
Naturally occurring strains of mites and insects listed on this label may not be effectively controlled due to reduced sensitivity. If insensitive strains are present in a field, use a product with a different mode of action to ensure control. Alternate NEXTER with other miticides as part of a mite management program to minimize resistance. Repeated use of the same miticide has been documented to result in the buildup of resistant strains of mites. To limit the potential for NEXTER insensitivity development, do not make more applications than those specified in the crop section of the label. Consult with your local or state extension personnel for advice on miticide use and selection.

Cleaning Spray Equipment
Clean application equipment thoroughly by using a strong detergent or commercial sprayer cleaner according to the manufacturer’s directions and by triple rinsing the equipment before and after applying this product.

NEXTER may be applied by ground equipment using either diluted or concentrated sprays. Apply listed rates of NEXTER as instructed by Section VII. Crop-Specific Information. Spray the last 3 rows windward of surface water using nozzles on only one side with the spray directed away from surface water. Spraying over the tops of trees can be prevented by adjusting or turning off the top nozzles. Shut the nozzles on the side away from the grove off when spraying the outside row. Shut the nozzles off when turning at the ends of the rows and when passing tree/vine gaps in rows.

Apply NEXTER in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of foliage and fruit. Thorough coverage is required for optimum control. Spraying alternate rows may reduce NEXTER performance. NEXTER must be applied to each row for optimum control. To achieve thorough coverage, use proper spray pressure, nozzles, nozzle spacing, volume per acre, and tractor speed. Consult spray nozzle and accessory guide for information pertaining to proper equipment calibration.

Ground Application (Broadcast)
Water Volume: Use 100-400 gallons of spray solution per broadcast acre for optimal performance. In Florida, a minimum of 20 gallons of water per acre in citrus may be used.

In general, no additives or adjuvants are necessary for effective use of NEXTER. However, the use of additives may be considered for certain conditions such as obtaining better spray distribution, adhesion or penetration of product onto leaf or plant surfaces. Consult a Canyon representative or local agricultural authorities for more information concerning additives.

The phytotoxic potential of NEXTER has been assessed on a wide variety of plants with no phytotoxicity observed. However, all varieties and cultivars have not been tested with possible tank mix combinations. Local conditions can also influence crop tolerance and may not match the information under which testing had been conducted. Therefore, before using NEXTER test the product on a sample of the crop to be treated to ensure that a phytotoxic response will not occur as a result of applications.

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