Peanut Root Knot

Meloidogyne arenaria

These nematodes cause symptoms both on leaves and roots. Foliar symptoms of root-knot disease may be expressed at any time during the growing season. These symptoms of nematode damage on peanut plants range from stunting, yellowing, wilting and even plant death. Nematodes cause yellowing; mid-day wilting; symptoms of water and nutrient stress; and sometimes death, especially if the nematode is interacting with other organisms. They can appear in a peanut crop beginning about 100 days after planting or after periods of dry hot weather. Areas of root-knot nematode damaged peanut are usually round to oblong in shape, and rows of infected plants may never overlap as those of healthy plants. It is common for plants to wilt and eventually die in areas where nematode populations are high.

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