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EPA # 0000264-00827-ZA-0000000

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

See individual crops for specific pollinator protection application restrictions. If none exist under the specific crop, for foliar applications, follow these application directions for crops that are contracted to have pollinator services or for food/feed & commercially grown ornamentals that are attractive to pollinators.

Spray Drift Management
The interaction of many equipment and weather related factors determine the potential for spray drift. The applicator is responsible for considering all of these factors when making application decisions. Avoiding spray drift is the responsibility of the applicator.

Resistance Management
Some insects are known to develop resistance to insecticides after repeated use. As with any insecticide, use the product in conformance with resistance management strategies established for the use area. ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT contains a Group 4A insecticide. Insect biotypes with acquired or inherent resistance to Group 4A insecticides may eventually dominate the insect population if Group 4A insecticides are used repeatedly as the predominant method of control for targeted species.
The active ingredient in ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT is a member of the neonicotinoid chemical class. Insect pests resistant to other chemical classes have not shown cross-resistance to ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT.

Mixing Instructions
ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT is a suspension concentrate (flowable) formulation, shake well prior to measuring/mixing . The formulation is thixotropic and after sitting for a short time reverts to a gel or thick paste consistency helping to prevent phase separation common to most “flowables”. After moderate shaking the formulation thins to a relatively non-viscous liquid which pours and measures easily with very few trapped air bubbles - another common problem of most flowables.
ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT has demonstrated easy mixing/blooming in water with varying degrees of hardness and temperature . ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT has demonstrated good mixing and compatibility with many fluid fertilizers without dilution with water. However, because fertilizers vary widely in quality and composition it is suggested that a jar test be performed (see Compatibility Note below) prior to full-scale mixing.
To prepare the application mixture, add a portion of the required amount of water/fertilizer to the tank and with agitation add ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT. Complete filling tank with balance of water/fertilizer needed. Maintain sufficient agitation during both mixing and application. ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT may also be used with other pesticides. Please see Compatibility Note below. When tank mixtures of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT and other pesticides are involved, prepare the tank mixture as specified above and follow suggested Mixing Order  below.

Application Directions (Soil)
Direct applications of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT into the seed or root-zone of crop . Failure to place ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT into root-zone may result in loss of control or delay in onset of activity. Apply ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT by ground application or chemigation application. For seedling flats or trays, only apply with broadcast, foliar applications or where product is intended to be washed from foliage to soil prior to drying on foliage.
Optimum activity of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT results from applications to the root-zone of plants to be protected. The earlier ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT is available to a developing plant, the earlier the protection begins. ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT is continuously taken into the roots over a long period of time and the systemic nature of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT allows movement from roots through the xylem tissue to all vegetative parts of the plant. This results in residual activity of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT and the control of insects which may vector pathogens thereby reducing disease transmission or symptom expression, and the promotion of plant health benefits. The rate of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT applied affects the length of the plant protection period. Use the higher listed rates when infestations occur later in crop development, or where pest pressure is continuous. ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT will generally not control insects infesting flowers, blooms or fruit. Additional crop protection may be required for insects feeding in, or on these plant parts and for insects not listed in the crop-specific, pests controlled sections of this label. Additional, specific ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT application rates are also provided in the crop-specific sections of this label.
Restrictions (Soil applications)
Do not apply to plants grown in non-soil medias such as perlite, vermiculite, rock wool or other soil-less media, or plants growing hydroponically.
Do not apply more than 0.5 lb active ingredient per acre, per year regardless of formulation or method of application, unless specified within a crop-specific section for a given crop.

Application Directions (Foliar)
Apply ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT with properly calibrated ground or aerial application equipment. Apply specified rate per acre as a directed or broadcast spray to infested area at earliest threshold for target pest, as population begins to develop. Thorough uniform coverage of all plant parts is required to achieve optimum control. Scout fields and retreat if needed.
The lower rates can be used early season when pest pressures are low or when tank-mixing with other effective products registered for target insect control . Degree of control or suppression of additional labeled pests will be determined, in part, by the stage of pest development at application and infestation level of those pests . ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT provides optimal performance against early instar and early nymphal stages of insects as well as bollworm/budworm eggs. Applications made with less than 5 gallons per acre may result in slower activity and/or less overall control from a single application than an application made with higher gallonages. Use an organosilicone-based spray adjuvant for applications targeting aphids and whiteflies for better control.

Compatibility Information
Test compatibility of the intended mixture before adding ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT to the spray or mix tank. Add proportionate amounts of each ingredient in the appropriate order, to a pint or quart jar, cap, shake for 5 minutes, and let set for 5 minutes. Poor mixing or formation of precipitates that do not readily redisperse indicates an incompatible mixture that should not be used. For further information, contact your local Bayer CropScience representative.

Types of Irrigation Systems
Chemigation applications of ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANT may be made to crops through chemigation systems as specified in crop-specific, Application sections.

Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.
Pesticide Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and in such a manner as to prevent cross contamination with other pesticides, fertilizers, food, and feed. Store in original container and out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked storage area.

Read the entire Directions for Use, Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability before using this product. If terms are not acceptable, return the unopened product container at once.
By using this product, user or buyer accepts the following Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability.
CONDITIONS: The directions for use of this product are believed to be adequate and must be followed carefully. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product. Crop injury, ineffectiveness or other unintended consequences may result because of such factors as weather conditions, presence of other materials, or the manner of use or application, all of which are beyond the control of Bayer CropScience. All such risks shall be assumed by the user or buyer.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton0.9 - 9.2 fl oz14
Peanuts1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Potatoes1.3 - 8.7 fl oz7
Soybeans1.3 fl oz21
Tobacco0.7 - 1.4 fl oz14
Chayote7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Waxgourds7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Citron7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Pumpkins7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cucumbers7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Gherkins7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Gourds7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Momordica charantia7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Squash7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Calabazas7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Straightneck squash7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Hubbard squash7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Crookneck squash7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Zucchini7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Spaghetti squash7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Acorn squash7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Watermelon7 - 10.5 fl oz21
Chives14 fl oz21
Kurrat14 fl oz21
Leeks14 fl oz21
Onions14 fl oz21
Shallots14 fl oz21
Eggplant1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Ground cherries1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Okra1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Peppers1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Chili1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Sweet peppers1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Tomatoes1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Pepinos1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Tomatillos1.3 - 14 fl oz21
Artichokes1.4 - 14 fl oz7
Basil1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Borage1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Chamomile1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Chervil1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Chives1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Coriander1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Costmary1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Culantro1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Dill1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Horehounds1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Hyssop1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Lavender1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Lemongrass1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Lovage1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Marigold1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Marjoram1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Parsley1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Rosemary1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Sage1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Savory1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Thyme1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Woodruff1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Broccoli1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Rapini1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Brussels sprouts1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cabbage1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cauliflower1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Chinese broccoli1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Bok choy1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Chinese cabbage1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Gai Choy1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Collard greens1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Kale1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Kohlrabi1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Mizuna1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Mustard greens1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Mustard spinach1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Rape greens1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Amaranth1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Arugula1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Chervil1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Corn salad1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cress1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Sorrels1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Endive1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Lettuce1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Orach, atriplex1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Parsley1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Purslanes1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Radicchio1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Spinach1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
New zealand spinach1.3 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cardoon4.4 - 10.5 fl oz45
Celery4.4 - 10.5 fl oz45
Finocchio, florence fennel4.4 - 10.5 fl oz45
Fennel4.4 - 10.5 fl oz45
Rhubarbs4.4 - 10.5 fl oz45
Chard4.4 - 10.5 fl oz45
Beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Lupines1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Kidney beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Dry lima beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Navy beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Pinto beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Runner beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Snap beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Tepary beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Wax beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Adzuki beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Asparagus1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Blackeyed peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Catjang peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Chinese long beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cowpea1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Crowder peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Moth beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Mung beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Rice beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Southern peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Snow peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Dry broad beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Garbanzo beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Guars1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Lablab beans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Lentils1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Pigeon peas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Soybeans1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Red beet1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Edible burdock1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Carrots1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Celeriac1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Chicory1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Ginseng1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Horseradish1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Parsnip1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Radishes1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Rutabagas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Salsify1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Skirrets1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Turnips1.2 - 10.5 fl oz21
Arracacha1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Arrowroots1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Cassava1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Chayote1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Chufas1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Taro, dasheen1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Ginger1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Leren1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Sweet potatoes1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Turmeric1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
True yam1.2 - 10.5 fl oz125
Strawberries1.3 - 14 fl oz14
Sugar beets2.6 - 5.2 fl oz
Bananas2.8 - 14 fl oz
Plantain2.8 - 14 fl oz
Blueberries1 - 14 fl oz7
Black currant1 - 14 fl oz7
Red currant1 - 14 fl oz7
White currant1 - 14 fl oz7
Elderberries1 - 14 fl oz7
Gooseberries1 - 14 fl oz7
Huckleberries1 - 14 fl oz7
Juneberries1 - 14 fl oz7
Lingonberries1 - 14 fl oz7
Blackberries2.8 - 14 fl oz3
Raspberries2.8 - 14 fl oz3
Calamondin3.5 - 14 fl oz
Grapefruits3.5 - 14 fl oz
Kumquats3.5 - 14 fl oz
Lemons3.5 - 14 fl oz
Limes3.5 - 14 fl oz
Mandarins3.5 - 14 fl oz
Pomelo3.5 - 14 fl oz
Oranges3.5 - 14 fl oz
Cranberries7 - 14 fl oz30
Grapes1 - 14 fl oz30
Hops2.8 - 8.4 fl oz60
Apples1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Crabapples1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Loquat1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Hawthorn1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Pears1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Quince1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Pomegranate2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Apricots1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Cherries1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Nectarines1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Peaches1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Plums1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Plumcot1.4 - 10.5 fl oz21
Beechnuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Brazil nuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Butternuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Cashews1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Chestnuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Chinquapins1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Hazelnuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Hickory nuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Macadamia nuts1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Pecans1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Pistachios1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Walnut1.2 - 14 fl oz7
Avocados2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Black sapotes2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Canistel2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Chilean guavas2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Lychee2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Mamey sapotes2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Mangoes2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Papayas2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Passionfruit2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Persimmons2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Rambutan2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Sapodilla2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Star apple2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Clary1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Mint1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Bay laurel1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Tarragon1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Kava1.2 - 10.5 fl oz14
Coffee2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Acerola2.8 - 14 fl oz7
Feijoa2.8 - 14 fl oz7