Seedcorn beetle

Stenolophus lecontei

ADULT: Seedcorn beetle adults are dark brown below and yellowish- to reddish-brown above.  Their wing covers (elytra) are black with lighter colored bands around margins. Slender seedcorn beetle adults are chestnut-brown with flattened front legs. Both beetles are in the range of 1/4 to 5/16 in. long.  Neigher have mandibles with a hardened, raised area (including teeth or ridges) near base.
EGG: Tiny, white, oval-shaped eggs are deposited in tunnels in the soil.  Larvae emerge in 3 to 12 d at 72 degrees F.
LARVA: They are pale yellow to light brown with three pairs of short true legs. The head and top of first thoracic segment are darker than the abdomen. Larvae reach 9/16 in. long and complete development in 18 to 56 d at 72 degrees F.
PUPA: Newly molted pupae are pale white, but quickly turn dark brown or black within cells in the soil.  Adults emerge in 7 to 13 d at 72 degrees F.
GENERATION TIME: 28 to 81 d at 72 degrees F.

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