Lorsban 50W

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Product Information
Lorsban SOW in Water Soluble Packets insecticide is designed for use as a cover or foliar spray to control various pests. The pests controlled are listed in the rate table in each section.

Use Precautions and Restrictions
Insect control may be reduced at low spray volumes under high temperature and wind conditions. Some reduction in insect control may occur under unusually cool conditions.
Flood Irrigation: To avoid contamination of irrigation tail waters, do not flood irrigate within 24 hours following application of Lorsban SOW.
Chemigation: Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
Handling Precautions for Water Soluble Packets: Do not remove water soluble packet from the overpack except for immediate use. Do not allow water soluble packets to come into contact with water prior to use. Do not handle water soluble packets with wet hands or wet gloves. Do not open water soluble packets. Do not remove packets from overwrap except to add the intact packet directly into the spray tank. Do not split packets. Partial use of packets is not allowed. Carefully reseal package containing unopened water soluble packets and protect package from moisture.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apples3 lb28
Broccoli2 lb21
Brussels sprouts2 lb21
Cabbage2 lb21
Cauliflower2 lb21
Chinese broccoli2 lb21
Chinese cabbage2 lb21
Collard greens2 lb21
Kale2 lb21
Kohlrabi2 lb21
Mizuna2 lb21
Mustard greens2 lb21
Mustard spinach2 lb21
Rape greens2 lb21
Citrus2 - 12 lb21
Calamondin2 - 12 lb21
Citron2 - 12 lb21
Grapefruits2 - 12 lb21
Kumquats2 - 12 lb21
Lemons2 - 12 lb21
Limes2 - 12 lb21
Mandarins2 - 12 lb21
Satsumas2 - 12 lb21
Oranges2 - 12 lb21
Tangelo2 - 12 lb21
Tangor2 - 12 lb21
Cherries2 - 3 lb
Almonds4 lb
Pecans0 lb
Walnut4 lb
Hazelnuts3 - 4 lb
Nectarines0 lb
Peaches0 lb
Pears0 lb
Plums0 lb
Mirabelle prune0 lb