Yellow sugarcane aphid

Sipha flava

Wingless yellow sugarcane aphid adults and nymphs are straw to bright yellow to light green in color with two double rows of dusky colored spots down the top of the abdomen. Rows of spots are also present along the lateral margins of the abdomen. Yellow sugarcane aphids are yellow on sugarcane. S. flava is covered with short, stiff hairs. The cornicles (siphunculi) are reduced to slightly elevated pores. Adult females can be separated from large third instar nymphs by the presence of a small, rounded, knobby cauda adorned with several hairs at the end of the adult abdomen. Winged and wingless adults are 1.3 to 2.0 mm long. Winged females have yellow abdomens with the same spots described above and darker head and thorax than wingless females.

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