Lorsban Advanced

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Product Information
Lorsban Advanced insecticide is an emulsion in water for use in listed crops. This product resists washoff once it is dry. Target pests and application rates are provided in the accompanying tables.

Use Precautions and Restrictions
Insect control may be reduced at low spray volumes under high temperature and wind conditions. Some reduction in insect control may occur under unusually cool conditions.
Flood irrigation: To avoid contamination of irrigation tail waters, do not flood irrigate within 24 hours following a soil surface or foliar application of Lorsban Advanced. Do not aerially apply this product in Mississippi

Restricted use

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Alfalfa0.5 - 1.5 pt21
Apples1.5 - 4 pt28
Asparagus2 pt1
Broccoli4.5 pt21
Brussels sprouts4.5 pt21
Cabbage4.5 pt21
Cauliflower4 pt21
Chinese cabbage4.5 pt21
Chinese broccoli4.5 pt21
Collard greens4.5 pt21
Kale4.5 pt21
Kohlrabi4.5 pt21
Mizuna4.5 pt21
Mustard greens4.5 pt21
Mustard spinach4.5 pt21
Rape greens4.5 pt21
Radishes5.5 pt21
Rutabagas4.5 pt21
Citrus1.5 - 12 pt28
Calamondin1.5 - 12 pt28
Citron1.5 - 12 pt28
Grapefruits1.5 - 12 pt28
Kumquats1.5 - 12 pt28
Lemons1.5 - 12 pt28
Limes1.5 - 12 pt28
Mandarins1.5 - 12 pt28
Tangerines1.5 - 12 pt28
Satsumas1.5 - 12 pt28
Oranges1.5 - 12 pt28
Tangelo1.5 - 12 pt28
Tangor1.5 - 12 pt28
Corn0.5 - 2 pt21
Sweet corn0.5 - 2 pt21
Cotton0.37 - 2 pt14
Cranberries3 pt60
Figs0 pt217
Grapes0 pt35
Adzuki beans2 pt
Beans2 pt
Blackeyed peas2 pt
Dry broad beans2 pt
Catjang peas2 pt
Chickpeas2 pt
Chinese long beans2 pt
Cowpea2 pt
Crowder peas2 pt
Peas2 pt
Garbanzo beans2 pt
Lupines2 - 3 pt
Guars2 pt
Hyacinth bean2 pt
Kidney beans2 pt
Lablab beans2 pt
Lentils2 pt
Dry lima beans2 pt
Moth beans2 pt
Mung beans2 pt
Navy beans2 pt
Pigeon peas2 pt
Pinto beans2 pt
Rice beans2 pt
Runner beans2 pt
Snap beans2 pt
Snow peas2 pt
Southern peas2 pt
Tepary beans2 pt
Wax beans2 pt
Onions0 pt60
Peanuts4 pt21
Pears4 pt
Sorghum0.5 - 1.5 pt60
Mint2 - 4 pt90
Soybeans0.5 - 2 pt28
Strawberries0 pt21
Sugar beets0.5 - 2 pt30
Sunflowers1 - 4 pt42
Sweet potatoes4 pt125
Tobacco2 pt
Almonds1.5 - 8 pt14
Walnut4 - 8 pt14
Cherries1.5 - 4 pt14
Nectarines1.5 - 4 pt14
Peaches1.5 - 4 pt14
Pears1.5 - 4 pt
Plums1.5 - 4 pt14
Mirabelle prune1.5 - 4 pt
Hazelnuts3 - 4 pt14
Pecans1 - 4 pt28
Winter wheat0.5 - 1 pt28
Spring wheat0.5 - 1 pt28