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Lorsban 75WG insecticide is a water dispersible granule for use in listed crops. Target pests and application rates are provided in the accompanying tables.

Use Precautions and Restrictions
Insect control may be reduced at low spray volumes under high temperature and wind conditions. Some reduction in insect control may occur under unusually coolconditions.
Flood irrigation: To avoid contamination of irrigation tail waters, do not flood irrigate within 24 hours following a soil surface or foliar application of Lorsban 75WG. Do not aerially apply this product in Mississippi.
Handling Precautions for Water Soluble Packets: Do not remove water soluble packet from the overpack except for immediate use. Do not allow water soluble packets to come into contact with water prior to use. Do not handle water soluble packets with wet hands or wet gloves. Do not open water soluble packets. Do not remove packets from overwrap except to add the intact packet directly into the spray tank. Do not split packets. Partial use of packets is not allowed. Carefully reseal package containing unopened water soluble packets and protect package from moisture.
Application with Liquid Fertilizer: Lorsban 75WG may be applied in tank mix combination only with 28-0-0 liquid fertilizer. Lorsban 75WG is not compatible with other forms of liquid fertilizer. See Mixing with Liquid Fertilizer section of this label. It is always recommended that a small jar compatibility test using proper proportions of chemicals and water be run to check for physical compatibility prior to tank mixing.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Alfalfa0.33 - 1.33 lb7
Apples2 - 2.67 lb28
Asparagus1.33 lb1
Radishes3.66 lb30
Rutabagas3 lb30
Turnips3 lb30
Broccoli3 lb30
Brussels sprouts3 lb30
Cabbage3 lb30
Cauliflower2.66 lb30
Chinese broccoli3 lb30
Chinese cabbage3 lb30
Bok choy3 lb30
Gai Choy3 lb30
Collard greens3 lb30
Kale3 lb30
Kohlrabi3 lb30
Mizuna3 lb30
Mustard greens3 lb30
Mustard spinach3 lb30
Rape greens3 lb30
Citrus1.33 - 8 lb21
Calamondin1.33 - 8 lb21
Citron1.33 - 8 lb21
Clementines1.33 - 8 lb21
Grapefruits1.33 - 8 lb21
Kumquats1.33 - 8 lb21
Lemons1.33 - 8 lb21
Limes1.33 - 8 lb21
Mandarins1.33 - 8 lb21
Tangerines1.33 - 8 lb21
Satsumas1.33 - 8 lb21
Oranges1.33 - 8 lb21
Tangelo1.33 - 8 lb21
Tangor1.33 - 8 lb21
Corn0.33 - 1.33 lb21
Sweet corn0.33 - 1.33 lb21
Cotton0.25 - 1.33 lb14
Cranberries2 lb60
Figs2.67 lb217
Grapes1.33 lb35
Adzuki beans1.33 lb
Beans1.33 lb
Blackeyed peas1.33 lb
Dry broad beans1.33 lb
Catjang peas1.33 lb
Chinese long beans1.33 lb
Cowpea1.33 lb
Crowder peas1.33 lb
Garbanzo beans1.33 lb
Peas1.33 lb
Lupines1.33 lb
Guars1.33 lb
Hyacinth bean1.33 lb
Kidney beans1.33 lb
Lablab beans1.33 lb
Lentils1.33 lb
Dry lima beans1.33 lb
Moth beans1.33 lb
Mung beans1.33 lb
Navy beans1.33 lb
Pigeon peas1.33 lb
Pinto beans1.33 lb
Rice beans1.33 lb
Runner beans1.33 lb
Snap beans1.33 lb
Snow peas1.33 lb
Southern peas1.33 lb
Tepary beans1.33 lb
Wax beans1.33 lb
Onions1.33 lb60
Peanuts2.67 lb21
Pears1.33 - 2.67 lb90
Sorghum0.33 - 1.33 lb60
Cherries1.33 - 2.67 lb14
Almonds2 - 5.33 lb14
Hazelnuts2 - 2.67 lb14
Pecans0.67 - 2.67 lb28
Walnut2 - 5.33 lb14
Soybeans0.33 - 1.33 lb28
Strawberries1.33 - 2.67 lb21
Sugar beets0.33 - 1.33 lb30
Sunflowers0.67 - 2.67 lb42
Sweet potatoes2.67 lb125
Tobacco2.67 lb
Nectarines2 - 2.67 lb
Peaches2 - 2.67 lb
Pears2 - 2.67 lb
Plums2 - 2.67 lb
Mirabelle prune2 - 2.67 lb
Winter wheat0.33 - 0.67 lb28
Spring wheat0.33 - 0.67 lb28