Boundary 6.5 EC

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Observe all precautions and limitations on the labels of each product used in tank mixtures. Tank mixture partners must be registered in states where they are used. Refer to and follow the label for each tank mix product used.
Do not apply under conditions which favor runoff or wind erosion of soil containing this product to non-target areas.
To prevent off-site movement due to runoff or wind erosion:
- Avoid treating powdery dry or light sand soils when conditions are favorable for wind erosion.
Under these conditions, the soil surface should first be settled by rainfall or irrigation.
- Do not apply to impervious substrates, such as paved or highly compacted surfaces.
- Do not use tailwater from the first flood or furrow irrigation of treated fields to treat non-target
crops, unless at least 1/2 inch of rainfall has occurred between application and the first irrigation.

Mixing Instructions
Prepare no more spray mixture than is needed for the immediate operation. Thoroughly clean the spray equipment before using Boundary 6.5EC. Vigorous agitation is necessary to maintain uniformity of the spray mixture. Maintain maximum agitation throughout the spraying operation. Do not allow spray mixture to stand overnight in the spray tank. Flush the spray equipment thoroughly following each use and apply the rinsate to a previously treated area.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

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