Indar 75 WSP

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Indar 75WSP fungicide is a systemic fungicide with preventative and curative properties used for the control of specific diseases listed on this label. For optimal disease control with Indar 75WSP, apply sprays on a preventive spray program. Indar 75WSP is considered not hazardous to bees, including those which are actively foraging in the area during application, when used as directed. A non-polymer containing spray adjuvant approved for use with registered pesticide products may be added to spray solutions according to manufacturer's use instructions to achieve optimum disease control. Do not apply Indar 75WSP in greenhouses.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds1.25 - 2 oz160
Apples2 - 2.67 oz14
Blueberries2 - 2.67 oz30
Calamondin2.67 oz
Citrus2.67 oz
Citron2.67 oz
Grapefruits2.67 oz
Kumquats2.67 oz
Lemons2.67 oz
Limes2.67 oz
Oranges2.67 oz
Mandarins2.67 oz
Satsumas2.67 oz
Tangerines2.67 oz
Tangelo2.67 oz
Tangor2.67 oz
Cranberries2 - 4 oz30
Peanuts1.25 - 2.67 oz14
Pecans2 - 2.5 oz28
Peppers2 - 4 oz7
Sweet peppers2 - 4 oz7
Chili2 - 4 oz7
Apricots2 oz
Nectarines2 oz
Peaches2 oz
Cherries2 oz
Plums2 oz
Damson2 oz
Mirabelle prune2 oz
Plumcot2 oz
Sugar beets2.67 oz14
Winter wheat1.25 oz35
Spring wheat1.25 oz35